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Coombs Project

Welcome to the pinnacle of contemporary living in one of Canberra's newest and most sophisticated suburbs. This modern double-story home stands as a testament to architectural excellence, surrounded by meticulously manicured green scapes that elevate the allure of this exclusive residence. Approaching the property, the sleek and stylish exterior hints at the luxury within, blending seamlessly with the lush surroundings of this upscale suburb. The interior exudes modern elegance, with high-end finishes and a sophisticated colour palette. Expansive windows frame the carefully landscaped greenery, providing picturesque views from every angle. The upper floor captures stunning panoramic views, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the overall design. This residence is not just a home; it's an embodiment of modern luxury in one of Canberra's most sought-after neighbourhoods. Welcome to a lifestyle where sophistication meets green elegance, offering a residence that redefines modern living in the heart of Canberra's newest and most exclusive suburbs.

Coombs 2