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Hackett Project

Welcome to an unparalleled expression of modern living in the heart of Canberra's suburbs. This single-story residence effortlessly merges sleek contemporary design with the tranquillity of manicured green landscapes, offering an exceptional lifestyle experience. Approaching the residence, the modern façade makes a statement with clean lines and an inviting ambiance. The surrounding manicured green scapes create a serene environment, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the property. Upon entering, an open-concept layout awaits, bathed in natural light streaming through expansive windows that seamlessly connect the interior with the meticulously landscaped outdoors. The living spaces exude a sense of sophistication, combining form and function in perfect harmony. This single-story home is not just a dwelling; it's an embodiment of contemporary comfort set against the backdrop of Canberra's suburbs. Welcome to a residence where modern design meets meticulously manicured green scapes, offering a lifestyle of elegance, tranquillity, and unmatched sophistication.