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Our Services


Arkitex offers a range of single dwelling residential services that include large scale & custom one-off homes as well as more modest single or multi storey homes perfectly tailored to your needs and requirements. 

* Custom & large scale custom designed homes

* Single storey, split level or multi storey homes

* Tailored first homeowner and downsizer homes 

* Modest single dwelling contemporary solutions

* Custom family homes 


Arkitex has many years of experience working with medium and large-scale residential projects including town houses and apartments. With a long background in both the residential design and construction industries, Arkitex is perfectly poised to offer a high-class product while maintaining suitable buildability and construction cost management. This ensures a great quality product for the end user and highly deliverable product for the developer. 

* Multi-storey apartment style developments

* High quality product design

* Construction and buildability design development

Multi-Unit Developments

Arkitex creates tailored solutions for multi dwelling developments in a variety of dwelling types including town houses, apartments, dual occupancy, tri occupancy and adaptable design developments. Each solution is specifically designed for each individual development and its constraints and opportunities. 

* Single storey multi-unit townhouse developments 

* Single and multi-story dual occupancy developments

* Single and multi-story tri occupancy developments

* Apartment style custom design solutions 

* Adaptable housing 

Dual/Tri Occupancy

Arkitex consistently demonstrates its capability in developing high quality dual and tri occupancy developments. With our expertise at negotiating the complicated terrain of dual and tri occupancy developments on narrow or irregular development sites as well as our construction background, we can ensure a high quality, highly desirable product, and ease of construction on almost any site with multi dwelling development potential.

* Dual occupancy multi-unit development

* Tri occupancy multi-unit development

* Tailored design solutions for any block type with multi-dwelling potential


Arkitex can help you produce the ideal commercial space for any use you may have. We can work with you to develop an office or commercial space fit out, a commercial unit development, a mixed-use development or a standalone commercial premises custom tailored for your requirements. Arkitex can not only design a productive and comfortable working environment utilising behaviour in design analysis but also create a welcoming environment for would be patrons of your establishment. 

* Office and commercial space fit out

* Commercial unit development

* Mixed-use development

* Custom single commercial development


Arkitex can help you to develop the perfect industrial space for your needs. From industrial unit fit out, industrial unit development, warehouse spaces, storage facilities and specialty workshop spaces. Arkitex has the knowledge and experience to develop the perfect industrial space for any need. 

* Industrial unit fit out

* Industrial unit development

* Warehouse development

* Storage facility development

* Specialty Industrial spaces design

Additions & Extensions

Arkitex can help you turn your current home into the home of your dreams with our many years experience in residential additions and extensions. Arkitex can help you develop the prefect master retreat extension for when you need that extra bedroom, a kitchen, living and dining addition for those large family gatherings or an upper storey addition to significantly increasing the floor area of your home. Whatever your needs in additions and extensions to your home, Arkitex has the construction and design experience to create you the home of your dreams without even changing address. 

* Master retreat additions 

* Extra bedroom additions

* Kitchen, living and dining expansions

* Upper storey additions

3D Renderings

Arkitex can help you visualise your new home or development with our 3D rendering services. Whether it is to visualise your choice of colours and materials, to better understand your design or for use in a sales package for the pre-sale of a development, Arkitex ultra-realistic high quality rendering services can meet your needs. Our rendered images are of the highest quality and are available in large formats for use in all types of marketing materials or simply as a tool to better understand your design before the commencement of construction. 

* Façade rendering services

* Sales and marketing material large formats

* High quality ultra-realistic renderings 

* Design visualisation rendering services

* Multi room internal 3D renderings

Virtual Reality Presentations

If you want to really experience your design before laying a single brick Arkitex can help you bring your design off the page and into real life using virtual reality technology and 3D visualisation walk throughs. Arkitex can develop a virtual 3D model that you are able to experience in fully immersive virtual reality. This can be helpful for understanding the interplay of spaces and accurately depicted natural light inside your design. This can also be a very useful marketing tool for the pre-sale of your next development. Whatever your 3D visualisation needs are Arkitex has the solution for you. 

* 3D virtual tours for pre-sales and marketing

* 3D visualisation of custom designs

* Accurately depicted natural light 

* Fully immersive 3D virtual experiences

3D Printed Models

Arkitex can turn your new home, multi-unit development or next project into a fully 3D printed custom designed 3D model. Arkitex develops and manufactures our 3D models in house based on the custom design of your project. Our models are made from naturally sourced and commercially compostable bioplastic. Every 1kg of bioplastic used will plant one tree in Australia through the ‘onetreeplanted’ association. Our 3D printed models are a very helpful tool for understanding your design from all angles and set the design on accurately represented site contours so you can see just how your development sits within it’s site. Our models are a useful multi-unit development marketing tool with the ability to replace individual units to mark them as sold to provide a physical visual aid to prospective homeowners. Our 3D models can show the externals of a design with the window and material breakup only or the internal layout can be represented in a doll house type split design allowing an internal view of each level. 

* In house 3D model design and manufacturing 

* Single dwelling custom 3D printed models

* Multi dwelling two-piece marketing models

* Internal layout split style 3D models